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Strong mechanical lockable smartphone holder for safe secure of your phone- easy handlig by one hand- lockable- anti-vibration dumpers, made of stainless-steel- compatible with...

KTM LC8 950/990 mounting set
from 80 Kč

Choose your motorbike for best fit.

Kit for handlebar
from 80 Kč

Universal mounting accessories kit on your bike

Extra fixtures
from 100 Kč

You can choose extra bundle of fixtures for your HOLDER 2.0

PIVOT adapter
490 Kč

PIVOT adapter for easy adjust portrait/landscape orientation of your smartphone.

DualSport adapter
DualSport adapter
Soon available
590 Kč

Advanced adapter for enduro riders who ride on-road and off-road, change position on motorbike.

6 Kč

EPDM 3mm thin sticker with 3M glue for additional coverage just for your smartphone.

10 Kč

Auxiliary tools set for base setting and mounting your DRZAK 2.0.

Wireless charging 10W
390 Kč

Optional kit add wireless charging to your HOLDER 2.0. You will not connect any usb cable anymore.