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Guide for best mounting accessories selection

Mounting - motorbike selection
For best choice of mounting kit please select your bike from menu.

Mounting situations:

Situation - I have GPS interface on my bike - face with holes 38 x 30
It is standard interface for mount for all GPS navigations. HOLDER 2.0 is compatible as well. You need only whole HOLDER 2.0.

Situation - I have GPS bar on my bike
GPS bar is usually above dashboard. It is most comon mounting method. Diameter is mostly 12mm. It can be factory prepaired or additional accessories. You need just this simply clamps.

Sometimes is GPS bar little bit inaccessible or close to other parts of bike. Typically R1200GSA before version LC, Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin AS, all AT from 2018+. In this situation is neccessary use Mounting kit - UNI This arm can reach GPS bar easy.

Situation - There is nothing for mount - HOLDER 2.0 is possible mount on handlebar
There are some mounting kits for fit on handlebar tube. Simply kit for naked bikes or enduro/off road bikes is mounting kit - handlebar. Next solution is mounting kit - UNI a mounting kit - UNI long. It make HOLDER 2.0 visible when you are using tankbag.



Situation - There is nothing for mount - HOLDER 2.0 is possible mount above dashboard
I can offer for some bikes special mounting kits. You can find it in Mounting - motorbike selection section.