Order procedure tips

We are pleased you are interest in our products. Our main product is phone holder - HOLDER 2.0 for your smartphone. All other products are accesories for HOLDER 2.0. Main point is there is only few motorbikes where you can mount GPS or phone holder simply. So my point is providing complete solution - phone holder with complete montage on your bike.

let`s go shopping

First step is choose HOLDER 2.0 or HOLDER 2.0 Wireless charger. Than you can add HOLDER 2.0 to cart.

Next step is different. Do you have any GPS support on your bike? Is it from SW-Motech, Givi or RAM Mounts? Does it have face with four holes 38x30?

If you answer yes, than you can add Pivot adapter or DualSport adapter and thats it. You are done with choosing product and you can continue for finishing order.

If you answer no, you can use Bike selector. You only choose your bike and it means you choose simply clamps (for GPS bar 12mm), adjustable arm for GPS bars which are not easy accesible (for example CRF1000 ATAS), or some special GPS/holder moutning set for bikes withount factory preparation.

Next step you can add some accesories - auxiliary tools, extra EPDM padding (HOLDER 2.0 is softly padded and it will come with extra piece 5x5cm for sure)

Other steps are just easy:
- go to cart
- press continue
- choose your country and payment currency (exchange rate is 25CZK / 1EUR)
- select payment method
       - cash on delivery - you will pay to delivery boy
       - bank transfer - you will transfer payment from your bank account on our account
       - GoPay online payment - you will pay imadiately during order procedure
- click on continue
- write down your adress and contact
- click "finish order"

Now I received information about your order and I will start working on that.
If you choose cash on delivery or GoPay payment I will send package as soon as posible on your adress.
If you choose bank transfer, I will wait for payment confirmation from my bank and than I will send package.
You will receive mail with tracking link...