FAQ - frequently asked quetions

Frequently asked quetions - FAQ:

Should I buy HOLDER 2.0 for my smartphone?

Absolutely yes! I spend lot of times and lot of money for different smartphone holders. Watterproof pockets, cheap toys or products from famous companies. I enjoyed troubles, infunctions or cracks on plastic toys. I am engineer so I decide to envelop my own solution. Here it is.

Are there any satisfied customers?

Of course. I sold hundreds smartphone holders for various motorbikers. I have no any discusion on this website. Anyway you can check (in czech) some forum boards and read some posts from owners.



Will fit in HOLDER 2.0 my smartphone?

Yes. Only very few smartphones need special upgrade (Xiaomi Mi Max, Blackview 9500). All other smartphones fit very well.

What is locking for?

You can leave your motorbike with smartphone in holder alone when you go pay for fuelling or take a rest.

Should I HOLDER 2.0 lock every time I go riding?

No. Instead of other phone brackets, where it hold phone by spring force, is HOLDER 2.0 mechanically secured against unwanted open. You just put your phone in and it is safely holded on its palce.

Can it make scratches on my phone?

Plastic or even glass or metal phone bodies need protection of course. I suggest thin simply silicon covers. Anyway HOLDER 2.0 is soft padded with rubber and EPDM on contact faces so it is very gentle to your phone.