HOLDER 2.0 Wireless charger

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Strong mechanical lockable smartphone holder for safe secure of your phone. Wireless charger kit for watterproof energy for your phone.
- easy handlig by one hand
- lockable
- fully adjustable from 130 x 68 x 7mm up to 188 x 90 x 25mm
- anti-vibration dumpers, made of stainless-steel
- compatible with almost all phones
- fixing point with 38 x 30mm pitch holes

Detailed information

Product detailed description

HOLDER 2.0 is very unique smartphone bracket. It combines benefits of stainless steel with wide variability and universal usage. You can`t find safer and stronger bracket.

Using of HOLDER 2.0 is very simply, fast and comfortable. You just put your smartphone by one hand in it. Soft padded jaws catch phone body and secure it mechanically. Therefore your phone can`t fly out any time also in off-road.

If you stop for rest or fuellig you can leave your smartphone in HOLDER 2.0 safely locked.

It is made of 2mm thick stainless steel sheet metal. All parts are cutted by laser and shaped by CNC machine. For dull face finish are all surfaces blasted by ceramics for sun flare reduction. All screws and nuts are stainless steell, nut are self-locking.

HOLDER 2.0 is designed for minimization of vibrations and shocks from motorbike. Microvibrations are minimized by EPDM padding and five o-rings on front face. Your smartphone is very placed.

HOLDER 2.0 is fully compatible with most of smartphone on market. You can continously adjust it from 130 x 68 x 7mm up to 180 x 90 x 25mm. It is adjustable also for thickness. Side backrest are out of buttons. Charging plug is accesible.

It include QI wireless charging kit - 4mm thinn watterproof pad with USB cable
Charging power: 10W (requiers adequate power suply)
Voltage: 5V
Frequency: 110-205KHz
Protection: IP67 - charging pad only, usb plug cannot be on water exposed place (handlebar, etc...)
Temperature: 0-35°C
Recommended power suply output: 5.2V/2A nebo 9V/1.67A
Connection: USB A, lenght 90cm



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